Sunday, July 31, 2005

Wildlife at the 3Day

          Ran into some wildlife on the second day of the 3Day Cancer otter, some baby ducks, a blue heron (I think), and some adult ducks walking in step.  The walk was a great way to see parts of Seattle that I hadn't seen before....These animals were in the wetlands we walked through during our trek through Juanita on the northern side of Lake Washington!  It was pretty neat.....:)    

Monday, July 25, 2005

Day after the walk - Success! & Monday Photo Shoot Hot Pink!


Hi, all!  I'm back and it's the day after the walk.  What an experience.  Here are a few pics.  I was a little dehyrated and heat exhaustion was starting to set in..I almost fainted but got some ice water just in time.  There were so many stories it was incredible.  I met people from New York, New Mexico, All over from Washington, California, Florida, Massachusetts and more.  I even met one lady, age 70, that had done the walk six time in the last 10 years....she was from New York.  She also raised funds for cancer in addition to this walk by getting some friends to put together a calendar like in the movie Calendar Girls....  I walked a lot.  It was a time I'll always remember.  I hope to post some of my pictures which include some of people and some of wildlife too...I got a heron and an my next few entries.  Thanks to all the J-landers that sent me notes of encouragement.  I'm going to see if I can find any other bloggers out there that did the walk (maybe from other states) far I haven't run into any. 

Also, I decided this qualifies for John's Monday photo shoot!  Something hot! 

 I mean look at all that hot pink! Now that's hot!   Not to mention we all had hot feet, hot heads and hot bodies...literally!  After finishing 18.8 miles this last day of the 3DAY...Seattle is warmingup!  The pavements were steaming and our feet were melting!

Until my next entry...:)

Thursday, July 21, 2005

The WALK - 1 more day!








Here is the message I got in email today...
the video is quite moving...hope you can
open brought tears to my my
eyes already...I'm in trouble..this is going
to be a VERRY emotional experience...
The fan was my addition...I plan to bring
it to keep me cool...:)..


It's long but here it goes, the video is
definitely worth watching: 


In just a few more days your 3-Day
journey begins. By now, you are probably
in the middle of packing, figuring out how
to jamyour entire wardrobe of walking gear
 into one small duffel bag. You may be
worried about whether your feet will be
able to carry you 60 miles. If you’re anything
like the walkers of 3-Days past, you may be
dyeing your hair pink, painting pink ribbons
on your cheeks or tracking down the perfect
pair of pink angel wings. Yes, pink is a
powerful theme on the 3-Day.


In the midst of the excitement –
and, boy, are we excited! –
we’d like to ask you to find a quiet moment
to think about what the 3-Day means to you.
You've prepared your feet for the journey;
now we want to help you prepare
your heart and mind.


We’d like to share with you a special
welcome message as a preview of the
3-Day spirit. Please watch it and come to
the Opening Ceremonies on Friday morning
ready to experience everything
the 3-Day has to offer. We can't wait to see you!


Watch the 3-Day welcome movie now.


If you are unable to view the movie,
download the welcome message in PDF format.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

In the Mood - Pink

                                              In the mood!  A round robin   photo shoot challenge...let's say pink!  Since I'm doing the 3Day Cancer Walk in Seattle I have been thinking pink a lot.   Here I have two stress balls and a puff pom.   The first stress ball is your regular squeezy thingy and the second is the squeezy after major stress and of course the puff pom is for the gentle breezy touches we all need.  2 MORE DAYS TO GO....    


Be sure to check out the rest of the Round Robin Photo Challenge entries!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

3 Day Cancer Walk - Trip to REI




This evening I went to REI..   to get some things for the 3Day walk....  ....maybe some of you have an REI nearby... well ~ $100 later I have some things I need.  I had to get a fanny pack, some first aid items (I had sprained my ankle in February so I figured a wrap was in order just in case....).   So I've begun my last minute packing... I still need to decide on the carrybag and sleeping bag which I should have somewhere...can't believe it's almost here on Friday.    Wish I could take my photos with me....this pinkish/purple photo of the clematis in my backyard is a nice vision to consider coming back home to and ponder on while walking.   Clematis are a bit unruly like me....ha!  I'm glad to do the walk and raise some funds for the cause....they say that every 3 minutes a new case of breast cancer is diagnosed in the US.  People really do need to check themselves the sooner it's diagnosed the easier and quicker the treatment.  Great strides have been made in the treatments too....much wiser and kinder with better results.   This was a long entry for today and tomorrow I'll be posting some more thoughts.....      

Countdown to the WALK - 3 days to go

      These pinkish coneflowers make me think of how I'll be looking during the walk...another one of the bunch in the least for the first hour or so.....   And a monet crosstitch shot...:)                   

Domesticated Animals - Monday photo shoot

                          Domesticated animals...little fawns drinking from a bottle....while a couple of stony eyed frogs play some ladybug checkers...:)   John Scalzi's Monday photo shoot:

Monday, July 18, 2005

3Day Cancer Walk Countdown

Four more days until the 3Day Cancer walk here in Seattle - Friday July 22, 23 & 24.  It's the first time I've done anything quite like are a few gifs I've collected on the subject....




    What is it about dragonflies?  They are magical.....this one stayed still for awhile and so I got to capture the translucent wings and the sky blue and black body.  He/she? was just hanging on a branch.   I've noticed some great dragonfly photos out there in Journal land....just thought I'd add to the bunch..:)  


Added this great site that I got from a Sometimes photoblog  ( )entry:

Monday, July 11, 2005

Monday photo shoot - Summer cooler from winter



Ice, Ice baby!  John Scalzi's Monday photo challenge:

Here are some of my favorite icicle pictures from last year!

Cat Tails

       Cat tails...these have always fascinated me.... Enjoy....        

Monday, July 4, 2005

Butterfly Moment


Yellow swallowtail, I believe...

a butterfly moment

This one was huge....  

Decided to add some links to other sites with butterflies!  and interesting view of one sideways....
the B-52
Monarch laying
Monarch on purple/pink flower  
A very nice site...
Even more beauty!
These previous Two links are really neat......should gratify many a butterfly me....



Friday, July 1, 2005

Weekend Holiday Assignment Haiku




July 4th Haiku

Lady Liberty Floats, hillsits,
Delivered in style
Burstings in Sky

John Scalzi weekend holiday assignment:

This was actually from last year...we went to the 4th celebration on Lake Union, Seattle.  We took our boat and saw the biggest flag on a boat ever, Gasworks park always has an inflated Lady Liberty head, a friend went all out on dessert presentation and finally the fireworks were magnificent!


Lillies of the Moment


A little lilies moment never hurt anyone....:)