Friday, April 27, 2007

Spring flowers around the Pond

Is everyone having a great Friday?  I hope so!  The weather is a little grey this morning and I've got a busy weekend planned.  I may not get a chance to make another entry so I am stealing a few minutes right now to share some photos of a walk I took by the pond at my work.  It's such a good resource for relaxing and getting inspired.

Here are some white and pink versions of what I think may be some kind of butterfly flower plant..maybe someone recognizes these.  They were growing on the banks of the little man-made lake.

  Ahhhh,  Spring flowers!   Gotta love them!


                            Animation by Chris at CAB


                                       Maria  :)

Friday, April 20, 2007

White Flowers for Your Eyes and Nose!

Hi, all! 

Hope you had a happy day!  Seems like a lot of my journaler friends are having some hard times. Wishing you all speedy recoveries and your wishes to come true. These white evergreen clematis are a feast for eyes and nose!  They are so beautiful and smell wonderful...can you see yourself walking through the arbor walkway enjoying the fragrance wafting on a warm spring evening?   I love what they did here at this location.   Some close-ups of the flowers get me to daydreaming...:)


The animation is by Donna.   What a perfect setting to spend a little time daydreaming...



Thursday, April 19, 2007

Ave of Stars!

Hello all,

I have been busy finishing taxes and my daughter's financial aid paperwork for college..but now I'm back.  Her soccer season starts soon...wish I knew what was in the stars for her...she is a Leo like me.

   ...what about the stars?    The other weekend on a little walk at the very West end of Alki around the bend past the lighthouse I discovered that there is a long sidewalk that is called the Avenue of stars!


You have to look closely but there are constellations in the sidewalk..I think it's hard to tell here but I took some pictures of a couple of them: Leo and Gemini:



Amazing what's out there in our city...:)

Until later...Maria



Saturday, April 7, 2007

An Easter Entry for You

Hello, All,

Easter is a special time of year for me....hope you are all having a great weekend and if you celebrate Easter that it is a wonderful holiday for you.

     This sparkly cross is from Donna.

In my entry way I have a wreath and a little table decorated to welcome anyone that may drop in....welcome to you too and Happy Easter!




                                                          from me, Maria

Monday, April 2, 2007

Passionate about Purple?


Hello, All,

Purple is a passionate color.  On Palm Sunday...all the statues in the Catholic churches are covered with a purple cloth to highlight the Passion of Christ...also, the flowers in this season display quite a purple passion themselves....  Here are some purple and pink Calla lilies in a vase from the Flower and Garden show a couple of weeks back and some purple crocus along the Lake Union Marina.....;)

                         Dragonfly by Donna   Maria