Saturday, February 16, 2008

Winter Blues - Photo Challenge


Hello, all,  Here is my entry for the Winter Blues Community Photo Challenge.  I thought it would be nice to have a more cheerful interpretation...with bright blue sky in the background.  This photo, although taken in my company's parking lot reminded me of those sunny days past when I would go up snow skiing in the mountains with our High School Ski club.  I remember stopping and looking up through the pine trees at blue skies (on those days when we had blue skies) and just thinking how good life was.....  Maria


Saturday, February 2, 2008

Krissy's JLand Photo Challenge - Old

   Krissy's JLand Photo Challenge - Old

This was a little tough.  Most of the photos I take don't fit into the category of old so it made me think...aha!  The Classic Wooden Boat show in Seattle..this is place to see what is old and in great shape.   All the boats have to be classifed as being quite a few years old before they can qualify as classics.  Here is a photo of some of them at the Bell Harbor Marina in DownTown Seattle.   It's fun going down and talking to the people at the show to hear their stories and adventures with refurbishing and maintaining these boats.  Maria. 

Community Photo Challenge - Love

I didn't think I would have time to enter this week's Community Photo challenge 'LOVE'..... but somehow I could not help make time.    What a wonderful topic.  I absolutely love valentine's day.   I searched for a recent photo that might capture this...and I realized that I needed to take more photos of people hugging and holding hands and doing things that represent this very powerful emotion.   The photo I chose is one of my daughter who is hugging a little pup with such delight you can't miss it in her face.  Ironically the pup is turning it's head to some distraction as little pups do....don't you just want to reach out and hug them both?

If I have time I will try to find another by tomorrow..but if not...this will do.  ;)


Friday, February 1, 2008

Music dilemma continues

Hello, all,


The music dilemma continues...however if you would like to listen to the colors of the wind music you can click on the word music in the left bar or the following link:  but if you want it to play in the background you should open it in a new window.   I think it has something to do with the html code I am trying to use...something has changed with AOL.  :)

On another note...I"m thinking of California....:)  Here is a photo I took a year ago in Long Beach, CA.   I loved the way the water reflected the lights from the bridge and the boats.  The bridge leads to the Queen Mary.   Even at night this is a picturesque locale.