Saturday, November 1, 2008

Photos have been removed but may return...:)

Hello, all,

My journal here was about my photography and the interesting little things that I wanted to share about them. When AOL transitioned their journal site to the blogger they had to remove the photos links since they were shutting down their photo repository site. I decided that I may come back and redo these at some point but for now I was successful at moving the words to this new blogger. As I have time I may go back and add the photos......I have some of them handy, but it would take a long time so we will see...however I will begin with one thought today and photos to go with it.

I plan to use these entries as a way to spark ideas for future...even the words alone can trigger the little thoughts I had from the photos. Photography, writing and speaking are all connected. Many of the tecniques we use to be proficient in one area apply to the others. An obvious one is staying my daughter is here working on her pumpkin! LOL...:)