Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Monday, February 27, 2006

Focus Cat

Staying focused is sometimes a challenge.  I like this little statue of a a cat focusing on a single little marble.  It's sitting on a slice of blue agate.  It's not much bigger than a large potato chip in circumference and it sits on my desk at work to remind me to stay focused on whatever I'm working on at the moment.    I keep forgetting to do an entry for feline Friday exactly on the day...

see septinx journal entry: http://sepintx.blogspot.com/2006/02/feline-friday_24.html 

or his journal:  http://sepintx.blogspot.com/  So this week I am a little late or early for next time....enjoy...:)

     Picture from Hometown   Picture from Hometown   Picture from Hometown     Maria

Friday, February 24, 2006

Hummingbird Medley

Hummingbirds!  They are quick little creatures. Here are some interesting photos I took at my parent's house over the weekend.   The first one from their kitchen window. Stopped in motion, I was so pleased when I saw the result!   Picture from Hometown  

        The second photo is a mystery to me...
 taken from the deck at the west end of their home.

How I got the white light on the bird, I don't know...
    maybe it's a GHOST hummingbird..do you think?
Picture from Hometown     Picture from Hometown   This last little guy was almost too quick but not quite. He was resting on the feeder one moment and then zoom.....   My parents have two feeders and both were very popular that day. 

                  Love those little beauties.  


Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Money Tree...

                      The Money Tree    

It is said if you have one of these magical plants in your home that you will have good success with money....hmmm, I'm wondering when that will be..LOL.  I'm just glad I can keep it alive.  It reminds me of the tropics and that really makes me smile.

                 Picture from Hometown  


Monday, February 20, 2006

Presidents Day Tribute 2


President         age if alive today      age as President           Born          age at death

George Washington       274                           57                1732                67
Thomas Jefferson        263                           57                1743                83
Theodore Roosevelt      148                            43                1858                61
Abraham Lincoln           197                            52                1809               56

Sunday, February 19, 2006

President's Day Tribute

               Picture from Hometown  

     A Tribute to our Past Presidents on President's Day 2006   

                                A leader has the world in their hands,
                       A leader makes decisions that last for years,
                             A leader ages faster than you or me,
                             A leader has the power to help us all,
                                   Pray that our leaders act wisely.   
              Presidents George Washington,  Thomas Jefferson,
                      Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln, 
                carved in stone, forever etched in our memories
 Leaders who paid attention
Leaders who knew about the little things 
        Leaders who made the big decisions and risked their lives
                        Let us live to see more like them!  

                              The National Monument website: 

                                         Picture from HometownPicture from HometownPicture from Hometown  

                                      Picture from Hometown  

                Picture from Hometown 
             Picture from Hometown  
                   Picture from Hometown

                                           Picture from HometownPicture from HometownPicture from Hometown  


Saturday, February 18, 2006

Crow Walking

                  Picture from Hometown    
       Picture from Hometown  
                             Warning!  Crow Walking.....

took this picture from a Restaurent window.  

     I found the little fellow kindof charming for a crow.
    Crows fascinate me with their mysterious and foreboding aura. They are pretty smart and rather arrogant birds.


The signs they are confusing

       Picture from Hometown

        There's more where these came from, but
I couldn't resist posting a couple of sign faux pas.

      Picture from Hometown  

               Alright already.....would you just stop it?    

         Picture from Hometown  

                                     What's enrty?      


                    Now aren't those silly signs?
                       Some late nite humor.....


Friday, February 17, 2006

Lincoln Park Madrona Trees

A walk in the park

Picture from Hometown   Picture from Hometown

Lincoln Park in West Seattle is a beautiful place to take a walk even when it's raining.  These two pictures were taken on one of those rainy days....the madrona trees were shiny from the wetness....the park overlooks Puget Sound...more pics later of that!



Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Ashes and Snow Artist

                          Picture from HometownPicture from Hometown

Just a little note or two about a very neat photographic artist:  

                                         Gregory Colbert    
and his 'Ashes and Snow' Exhibit at this link:

If you have fast speed internet (cable or DSL) that is the best way to view and hear his internet site..it is truly incredible.  If not...just try paging through the photos of the far east, elephants and ethereal people photos in the Basic Experience.  His journeys have resulted in some very inspiring out of the box kinds of photos and ideas which I think most will enjoy.  


                                                     Picture from Hometown  


This little gif is only posted here as an example of some of his work..please, do not tag....  



Tuesday, February 14, 2006

A Day for Hearts, Roses and Love

                     Valentines Day Tribute


                                              Hearts are touched
                       Hearts are broken
                       Hearts are mended
                        Hearts are loved 
                    from my Heart to yours 
                                          Happy Valentine's Day!  

                          Picture from Hometown    

                          Picture from Hometown        Picture from Hometown  

                                 Picture from Hometown    

                        Picture from Hometown      

                                                 Picture from Hometown    

South Beach Diet Update

                                    Picture from Hometown  Picture from Hometown


Just a little update on our progress with the South Beach Diet...things have slowed a little.  We are in phase 2 but our diet has changed and we are not gaining back our original pounds...however I think exercise may be in order...we are talking about going bowling...ok..don't tell anyone....:)  


                                                             Picture from Hometown

Monday, February 13, 2006

Valentine FLying in



Valentine flying in.....  Picture from Hometown    Picture from Hometown

                      On the wings of a dove
                  If you look above
                        You'll see quite clear
                           A symbol of love


                                    Picture from Hometown


                                                               Picture from Hometown


                                             Picture from Hometown

                                                               Picture from Hometown

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Valentine Welcome Wreath


Welcome wreaths are really great.  I began a habit of change involving a little grapevine wreath a couple of years ago.  It is somewhat related to Feng Shui in concept.   It starts with a  plain wreath hung on a wall that is viewed upon entering the house.  Each month I look to the theme for the month to change the decoration.  This month of course it is Valentines and hearts and ribbons.  I work to keep the decorations on the elegant side.  It serves a dual purpose: 1) it serves as a welcome inside decoration that might bring a smile to those entering my home and 2) it reminds me that we live with change and not to ignore it.

                               There you have it!

      A little smile, a little change, a little thing..;)


                     Picture from HometownPicture from HometownPicture from Hometown  
                    Picture from Hometown    

                               Picture from Hometown