Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Flowers to Brighten a grey Seattle Day

Hello all!   The day is a little grey here in Seattle today so let's cheer up with a smiley cup filled with flowers. ...two of my favorite things...smiles and flowers.   I love white flowers especially.   It has been really hot and sunny the last few days and then we got our usually Seattle break from the sun yesterday and today.  It's cooler and feels good!

I've been busy doing things around the house and working.   July is usually a busy month.  Last Sunday the 787 rolled out of the shop...that's a plane and I attended the celebration viewing.  It is inspiring.....soon it will fly!   Next week I get to go see the Pink Martini, a band which plays some older songs with singers who sing in different languages than English....

Went to a Mariners game recently and had so much those garlic fries and home run flies!

Ok..gotta go now.  Wishing all a great day!     Maria



Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy 4th of July 2007

It is absolutely gorgeous here in Seattle today.   We are going to check out some local Fireworks at a park nearby our home.   It's hard to think about Freedom when so many in this world don't have it...even us here in the U.S.    I'm always getting in arguements about it because I take the side that says we do have freedoms..much more than in other countries.   Yet, so many things are banned now...most of our suburbs around Seattle are banned from fireworks..except at the public events.  We have so many restrictions on us...must wear seatbelts,  no smoking limitations, all for good reasons....yet, it is not a gentle society.  I wish it was.   We continue to fight and get angry.   I still think it's better than it could have been...we just need to stay vigilant that we keep the rights we really need...freedom of speech, freedom of, liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. 

Below is a photo of a postcard  of some fireworks here in Seattle at the Spaceneedle sending you a note for a fun and safe 4th.     

Before I is something on a more humorous note from's pretty good...check it out....  Star Spangled Banner  


Later all!  Maria