Sunday, October 30, 2005

Big Hat and Boots


Ok, so these aren't physically little things but the fact that they are hidden in a little patch of land in a mixed industrial and residential area is a bit nostalgic to me...nostalgia is full of little things that mean something to people.  These boots and hat (being refurbished) were originally on Hiway 99 as a gas station and restrooms...yeah you guessed it the blue boot (not the original color) would have been the ladies and the darker boot the mens rooms.  These little(big) treasures were almost trashed and sat for a long time in disrepair behind some old chain link fencing until they were rescued by the community.   I love them.  I hadn't seen them in a long time and wondered what happened...when my friend, Kar, and I took a walk in the area next to a coffee shop we visit for the best latte's in Seattle (another story) we ran across them.  What a find.  It's amazing what you find on little walks out in the community.   Not to mention all the halloween art that was out and about on houses and businesses.   This time of year is full of creative explosions all around us.  Frankly I like art like this...less abstract, more about real stuff.  Seattle is definitely in the West and we do have our share of the cowboy hats and boots along with the maritime themes.  

Monday, October 24, 2005

Seattle's Eclectic Fremont


Couldn't resist adding another entry on Fremont, a very eclectic little place very close to downtown Seattle.  There is the troll under the Aurora avenue bridge which is quite large...the hand is covering a real volkswagon bug car.   A bench outside a little store beckons one in to visit or just sit a spell if you want to view the rocket that is on the corner of the is nonfunctional but real.  Fremont is also the resting spot of a statue of Lenin.  Yes, it is quite an amazing little town full of a lot of different ideas and peoples.  Lots of influence from the 60's, 70's and the University of Washington crowd.

Pumpkin Fun



Yes, that is a little truck made up like a pumpkin...notice the little green stem on top! People do some interesting things with their vehicles sometimes.  Pumpkins come in all sizes and I especially like the little ones.  This is the first year I've ever bought a white pumpkin!  I find them very interesting and wonder what the pumpkin pie would look like.  Don't know if I'll have a chance to make one, I'm still trying to find the time to carve one.  Even the little ones come in white as well as orange.   These little ones I found at the Fremont area near downtown Seattle.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Ellensburg and Football


There is a funny irony with American football.   At Central Washington University in Ellensburg Washington I recently traveled there to watch my daughter's Seattle University Soccer team play the Ellensburg Wildcats.  We arrived early and decided to watch the Men's American Football team play a California team.   They had a lot of hoopla...very gymnastic cheerleaders, a wonderful marching band and lots of football players...counted well over 60 on the Central team.  It was colorful and it cost $10 to get in.    On the other hand we have the Women's soccer game which did not play in the played on a grass lot.  However, Ellensburg did provide some interesting 'Cheerleaders'.  They pretty much just heckled our girls but they did seem to enjoy romping around in their 'Cheerleader' attire.  No band...but we did have the national anthem play on the sound system...oh yes there was warmup music....a combination of light rap and motivational rock-n-roll.   No charge and a free program.  It was a very close game...our girls did win!  Yay Team! Go Redhawks!  (Oh yes,  the Ellensburg Central team totally dominated the California team in the men's football game and won....Seattle University does not have a men's football team.)    

Monday, October 17, 2005

Little Intro to Halloween

Can you tell?  I'm making up for a few days of no entries!   I love Halloween!   The decorations are so engaging this time of year.  This entry is just a little intro into what I have coming for this month. I'll be posting some interesting decorations..some of mine and some which I've noticed while I was walking or driving...I always have the camera ready!   In my house's entryway I have a plain grapevine makes a great backdrop for any season.   I just took down the previous dressing for this wreath and turned it into a spider's web delight!   The pumpkin is electric with a fan and lights and spooky sounds...why not put it in the fireplace?  BOO!     Jack O' squashes....headless horseman....bodyless pumpkin heads....:)  

Crabby Market

Lots of Crab at the Pike Place market...really made for a good dinner...mmmmmmm.  Hard to believe it's only a few minutes away and there is a bevy of seafood available here in Seattle..fresh as can be.  At the Pike Place Fish Market they throw the fish around if you order a whole one.  It's quite the spectacle and well worth the purchase.  They pack and ship almost anywhere worldwide.   I crab per person is actually a bit too much but cooked crab dipped in butter with a little ceasur salad and some steamed clams and bread is a local favorite!!!!  

Leaves of Fall



Fall leaves are so remindful of the changing season....watching them turn those colors and then blow around on the ground is like stepping into another dimension of time.  Fall always reminds me of my childhood and those new days of school and spooky nights.  The shadows draw shapes longer and scarier on the ground so early each day it's frightful!


This is also the topic for John Scalzi's Monday Photo shoot:  

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Boat Names


Steel Tiger,  My Fortunate, Ariel and St. Nicholas are some interesting names of the boats at Fisherman's Terminal.  There are plenty of others too.  It's always fun to look at the boats and their names and wonder how they were derived and what they really mean. 

Friday, October 7, 2005

Photo Five entry - Interstate 5


My photo Five journal entry is a couple of photos of Interstate 5 which goes north/south through Washington, Orgegon and California...this  photo shot is from a vantage point that also provides a great view of Mt. Rainier on days when it's not cloudy or rainy...unlike today.  :)
 (To learn more see

Wednesday, October 5, 2005

Seattle's Fishing Boats


Interestingly I'm having a little trouble with uploading pictures...maybe I'll have more luck a little later...:)

Seattle's Fishing Boats are mostly docked in Fisherman's Terminal.  The Terminal is experiencing a need to have more revenues since the Fishing industry has slowed down and has opened up some of the slots to recreational boats.  Imagine the controversy that move has caused among the fisherman.  Luckily there are still lots of neat fishing boats to see there.  It's full of history and intrigue.  It's also just fun walking around and thinking about all the drama that happens on these boats when they are in the seas.....

Tuesday, October 4, 2005

Boats and Cat



The other weekend we took our boat out for a few hours to Lake Washington.  It was a nice day.  It was quite exciting since the steering malfunctioned and we could only turn left.  Had to use the engines to steer to the right.  Made docking an artful dodge.  Here are some photos of the boat.  In addition a friendly cat on the dock stopped by for a visit...the owner seemed to like that lioness look, I think.  The cat looked like it had a should have seen it last year..where is that picture? Cats are amazing creatures.  They are everywhere.

Sunday, October 2, 2005

Seattle's Statues at Fisherman's Terminal


Can't let it be told that I did not make note of some of the statues in Seattle.  I took some photos recently while at Fisherman's terminal near the locks in Seattle.  The tribute to the fisherman statue was recently remodeled.  At the base is an interesting collection of sea specimans.  If you look closely you may be able to spot it in the first picture of the Fisherman's Terminal Sign. Hint it is near the left and is somewhat covered by the top of a mast on one of the boats.  The eagle and anchor statue is a commerative time I go there I'll have to read the inscription better. Yes, it's in the first picture too...but you can only see part of it..hint it is at the right side of the building :)

Statues - of note in Arizona


These are a few statues of note in Arizona, I love big statues especially of horses and winged things.  The two horse statues  were in front of a restaurent called PF was good..Chinese/Thai style food mostly.  I tried something new..pineapple scallops...yummy!  That's my sister, Lisa  and her friend Jen in the pic.  The other Statue was at the entrance to the Airport...really liked the wings and the circle surrounding it.  Took that photo from the car while waiting for the light to turn green...I get some of my best shots from the car...  Maria  :)