Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Tribute to a Birthday

Just a little tribute to one of the many journalers who celebrated their birthday this week.  Fields of Tulips!   Visit her journal 'Random Ramblings', she has a great list of wants and desires and claims to keep celebrating '21' years more than once!  Forever 21...that was a great that I think about it!  So, xasporated1: Congratulations and enjoy! 

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Bills and Mail

Time to talk of Bills and Mail.  I'll get back to birthdays in a few days...or sooner.  I seem to be more in the mood to pay the bills in the mornings.  I've always been the one to do it in my household.   Getting the mail happens in the evenings after work. I have finally gotten in the habit of tossing the junk mail at night and entering the bills on the calendar right away.  Then I rubber band them into two stacks...first stack is near term, next day or two, and the second is the rest, longer term.  It's the charities that really get me...I have to think about them and that takes time.  More on the process next time...  Here is a view of Seattle I love...if you look closely you can find the Space Needle off to the left.  Had lunch at the Elliott Bay Marina which has a great view of downtown good reason to pay the bills on time.   More money to spend on lunching out when you don't have those late fees to pay.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Today's pickings

Today I bought some Tulips at the market in fremont, I bought some miniature gardens in pots and I had sushi.  Got lots of ideas for birthdays and flowers and all sorts of things.  Thought some might enjoy these photos of the Tulips up in Mt. Vernon, Washington. I made some great birthday cards with some of  these photos.  Enjoy.


Saturday, April 23, 2005

Fun idea for Birthday party

Ok, here is a fun idea for a birthday party...a hat party! Probably more fun for girls get together party but guys have fun hats too!   Here is me with a hat I bought at  party store.  I won the best hat prize!   Mother's and daughters was fun...Ok so it was a tea party but, it's stilll a good idea...don't you think?  :)



Thursday, April 21, 2005

The Due Dates, The Due Dates

The one thing about due dates is that they do get by us quicker than a wink.  That's OK in that time passes and we can't stop that from happening.  Time passes us by so quickly.  Is it quality time?  Ask yourself, what am I doing to make my time quality time?  Have you thought about birthdays and bills?  They are both special events.    OK let's start with a special event maybe.  This year I'm walking in the The Breast Cancer 3Day here in Seattle.  Guess it's because I hope to help others have more birthday celebrations by doing this.  If you'd like to see my site here it is:

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Birthday today

There is a Birthday today on my Birthday and events calendars.  There was one over the weekend. People I don't see much but that have a connection with my life.  Birthdays have a shelf life like flowers.  The real enjoyment fades over a short time until it's gone and we have to wait for another year.  I have so much to do.  Need to get to work, need to stay and linger a little over the music, the thoughts.   I'm anxious only because I have so much to do.  Otherwise I'm happy.  I've got some premade cards for the both birthdays, yay.  I just don't have the current address for one of them.  Next steps...get it done!  Happy Birthday Robin and Taylor!

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Bills - do the due - 3rd entry

Bills – What’s due?  Due-be-due-be-due.  There is always some bill due.  I think it’s good to remember that without bills we would not have all that we have.   Of course we would have something else which we may or may not like.   The main thing is to have a system that works.  Easy access, easy payments….and, oh yeah, enough money to pay them.    It is exactly when we don’t feel like paying attention that we desperately need to do just that.

 Here is a tip…use a monthly calendar with boxes big enough to write in what’s due each day.  A good friend of mine gave me that tip.  You can quickly see things at a glance.

We either get eaten by the bills or we take control of things.    It’s not always easy but I’d rather be the spider than the bee when it comes to bills…if you know what I mean.  Do bee do bee do.

Friday, April 15, 2005

2nd entry

Just returned from a Japanese Steakhouse....a birthday dinner, almost didn't go...but glad I did.  So nice.  So cozy.  With fire and fun for dinner along with the Hibachi steak, chicken, shrimp and lobtser.  Paying attention to the little things...attending a 63rd birthday party for a friend. There were seven of us there......the granddaughter (2),  the daughter and son-in-law (30 something), the birthday boy (63) and his significant other (50 something). and us...(both 50 something).   Fire and rice....really nice. Something little that means a lot.    It was a rainy day outside, the cliche Seattle, but it was pretty sunny inside. I'm home now and smiling.....pretty cool.

OK...I had to update this entry on a small point...Seattle is very beautiful with sunsets to die for but these pics were taken when we were in Mexico in beautiful Ixtapa....I've got great ones of Seattle that I'll be sharing later...when the time is right....

Getting started

The little things are more important than we think.  How do you build and retain a relationship over the long run?  By paying attention to the little things.  Some things just don't change over time.   More later...running short of time.