Monday, January 28, 2008

More on the music

I updated my internet explorer and now the music is not playing...I see the file on AOL Hometown file manager but it doesn't appear to be visible when I click on it like it did before I updated my explorer.  However, I will keep working on this to figure it the meantime it appears to not be working at the I'll remove my side bar reference to the music..maybe I can imbed it into a regular entry...:)


Music on the site

Hello, all,

I'm glad I asked the question about the music.  I just naturally assumed it was playing since when I open the page it might take 10 seconds or so but it begins to play for me.  I use Comcast cable for highspeed internet so maybe that makes a difference.   Maybe it's something to do with AOL or the upgrades I keep procrastinating on making.  In any case if you can hear the music let me know.  I uploaded a little midi file to AOL Hometown and then used a little html to plug it into my border on the right.   A copy and paste I got from somewhere.  I may experiment with it a little more on the site just for the stay tuned!   (No pun intended).   Maria


Sunday, January 27, 2008


A Gazebo in the snow makes me smile...but not as much as in the summer sun...LOL.   This photo was taken a few weeks ago but there is promise of snow in the air again here.  In other places I'm sure snow is the norm right now. Wishing you all a peaceful start to the week.   Maria

PS:  just wondering how many of you can actually hear the music on my site and do you mind having it play? I just updated it today to a little tune called "Colors of the Wind".

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Photo Shoot 2 - Krissy's Black n White

Amazingly, another photoshoot site by Krissy has me inspired to do even more posting.  


Amazing because I have not been posting much this year.  Her theme was Black and White,

 Here is a black and white of a latte photo from my previous post to this week's photo challenge by Marie.    It has a different feel to it but still offers a similar appeal to coffee drinkers.  Kind of like the old time black and white photos I used to take with my little Brownie when I was a child.  

Interesting story goes with this photo.   I had this great cup of coffee at an espresso place in Seattle called 'All City Coffee'.   Absentmindedly I left the place leaving my leather coat.   I was also excited about this photo I had taken in the place.   I didn't realize it for a day or had been a fairly warm day and I wore other coats the following days.   When I missed the jacket I finally narrowed it down to 'All City Coffee' and called them.  The woman that worked there had seen it and kept it for me behind the counter.   I was thrilled and decided to leave them a thank-you card along with a framed  8 by 10 black and white photo of that delicious latte which I printed on canvas.   When I revisited the place a week or so later, to my surprise, the manager had hung it on the wall behind the counter.   I was very flattered.   That is the story that goes with this photo! 


Latte Heaven & Biscotti - Photo Challenge- Hometown

Hello all!  A Photo Challenge site has been set up to continue what John Scalzi had started by Marie, a great photographer and blogger.  PHOTO CHALLENGE-HOMETOWN.

This entry is about Hometown.  Join me as I enter on a  photo journey to compete with my fellow photographers.  It may seem like a cliche but Seattle is definitely known for it's coffee and coffee shops.  This aspect does hold true for when I travel because when I return to this fair city I find that I've really missed the great coffee we have here!  Whether it's Starbuck's or a little corner coffee hometown sure does make the best latte's.  These three photos were taken in January of 2007 in a couple different coffee shops here in greater Seattle.  Just a month or so ago there was even a latte coffee art contest at the Seattle center.   Hope you enjoy, and if you are in sure to stop at a local espresso stand and ask them for a latte never know what you will get.......   Maria

Monday, January 21, 2008

The New Year - It's a carousel

Hello, all, 

No I did not drop off the face of this wonderful earth!  For the last few days I would sit down and look for a photo that inspired me to make an entry.  I think I went through a double block:  a writer's block and a photographer's block...I wonder what that might be called?  A Wrotoblock?  

Ah, what can I say.  The fog seems to have lifted when I sat down today and found this photo.  The new year is somewhat like a carousel.  There are so many beautiful horses to ride...which one should I pick?  Will I be this way again?  Will I get tired or dizzy on the ride?  Going round and round the view changes and stays the same.   I like carousels and especially the beautiful horses.  I do like the other animals as well but the horses are my favorite.   The carousels remind me to take a moment and enjoy the beauty as well as the ride.  

I am challenging myself and all of you too!  Enjoy the ride this year and find the beauty.  This is the jumping off point for my journal this year...that is the beauty and the ride!  The day is gorgeous here today.  Cold, yes, in the 20's Fahreinheit...very low for Seattle but I'll be out today and during my ride I'll get to see Mt. Rainier clear as a bell in front of blue skies!   Hope your day and ride go well today!  I hope it was worth the wait for my journal entry for those who haven't given up on me.      Maria