Friday, March 31, 2006

Feline Friday entry from Ixtapa


I usually take lots of cat photos when in Mexico but for some reason I only got one photo this a restaurent.  Yes, the cats get the run of the places since most of the restaurents are open air...(I'm not even going to mention the birds...)  In any case, this kitty took advantage of the people at the next table not looking and jumped up on the table and stole a scrap of meat! I was too amazed to get that photo moment.  Smart one really seemed to mind too much but did keep an eye out for more pounces!

Here is the link to look at other feline Friday entries and where they begin on Steven's '(Sometimes) Photo blog' ...

The wood carved chairs are also to die for...don't you just love these?


Playing in the water at dusk


It was so much fun to be able to play in the water at dusk and still be warm.   Here my husband, my daughter and her friend enjoy a different kind of the water!  Ahhhhhhh...:)


Thursday, March 30, 2006

Sunset dreaming

I'm still dreaming of the sunsets in is another one....short entry today.


Sunday, March 26, 2006

Egrets walking and talking

Back again with another entry from Ixtapa! 

Finally got the "My Pictures" on AOL working.  Here are the Egrets with captions you can actually read!   Both of these egrets are birds on a mission! 



I actually completed unloading all my pictures from the trip Sunday evening....over 365 and since I ran out of disk space I am going to break down and get another Olympus can't get them just anywhere.  I saw one for 1G worth but I'm worried if I buy that one I'll take too many photos....but my current one is 256MB and it's just too small for a one week vacation.  Luckily I have video of some of the missed shots the last two days.


Ixtapa Vacation sunsets

Picture from Hometown


Hello all!

I've been away for a little while...visiting a wonderful place called Ixtapa in Mexico.  The sunsets are the best.  Here are three of the many shots I took of the sunsets there.  I'll be posting more.  For now I'm appreciating the little memories that should hopefully hold me for another year.   I've got more to come on my the next few days the theme will be Maria's vacation.






Thursday, March 16, 2006

A Smile or three

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Flowers and Moods

Picture from HometownI've been in one of those argumentative moods today....Rather dumb for such a sunny day here in Seattle.  So then, I pulled out one of my photos and realized that I need to do better with my oposing views on things.  My mantra....I'll let it go....because I'm thinking of you...  :) 

Friday, March 10, 2006

Feline Friday - Lion Cat

It's Feline Friday time!
Here is Steven's link.....:)
I'd heard of people trimming their poodles but their cats?  I ran across this very gentle feline at the dock where our boat is moored.  I just loved him or her...didn't check.  Don't know it's name but I think I would definitely give it a lion kind of name.  I think I'm also drawn to it because...I am a Leo..:)
Picture from Hometown
Picture from Hometown

Monday, March 6, 2006

Little things

Sunday, March 5, 2006

Celtic Sayings

These two little paperweights that look like cemetery stones have a couple of sayings that I really like.   I'm always looking for reasons as to why I love to journal and scrapbook and keep all those photos and books...well it's obvious:
To Remember is the Honor the Past!    Duhhhh!

And of course the persistance it takes to do this is because:
The Spirit can Never be Broken!    :)

Picture from Hometown

Saturday, March 4, 2006

Journaling Image

Today, my entry is about journaling.  I got the neatest graphic below from Dianna: 
see her site:

This graphic reminds me of how much I love to sit and dream.  I then want to begin journaling. 
I love to put thoughts in writing. Journaling is a great experience but I go through spurts. For awhile I will write and write....I have at least 10 different written journals along with this little online one.  All different themes...only one which I finished.
Sometimes they are diaries to people I am thinking about and then I run out of steam...sometimes they become more like scrapbbooks.  I also have plenty of empty books to start.....however, that doesn't stop me from buying more blank books.  I love them.   I am drawn to filling in the blanks and I'm not sure why.  Photography draws me in a different direction but it also pulls me back to journaling.  

It seems like a little thing but it's much more.  Looking back at some of my entries I find I was poetic at times, creative at times, silly at times and many other feelings. I've done calligraphy and that was a lot of fun too...although time consuming.  The more I write the better I day maybe something more than just a few journal entries will appear.....for now it's just the little things that draw me.  
Picture from Hometown

Friday, March 3, 2006

M & M - Feline Friday

Picture from Hometown
Hello all!  A fellow journaler and great photographer does a feline Friday entry every Friday.  See his journal link:
This is my entry in support of addition I've included a couple of gifs from others...
Joyce's Treasure chest journal:
for the good morning gif & Shelly's Roxy Mama's journal:
for the Pink Panther name tag.

The photo is of my kitties.  - both names begin with M's.
Mischief and Minka were both found at the local Human society as babies.  They are sisters.  Tabby mixes.  My daughter was around 7 at the time and she wanted a tabby.  She fell in love with Mischief and I got hypnotized by the beautiful blue eyes of Minka.  Minka was the runt of the litter.  She almost didn't make it. She was very weak and didn't eat right away...they both were so young they still needed mother's milk...we found a substitute at the pet store and fed them with a syringe for a few days until they began to eat on their own.  Mischief was always the more reserved one..Minka ended up being the more affectionate cat.  They enjoy each other.  I caught them here in the morning in their little cubbyhole  cabinet where they sleep and eat on our back porch.They are outside cats and have a little light bulb in the cabinet to keep them warm during the colder days and nights.
Picture from Hometown

Picture from Hometown

Thursday, March 2, 2006

Last Supper and Celtic Crosses

In light of it being Ash Wednesday I thought I'd share a couple of my crosses in my cross collection. 
The first one came from Ixtapa, Mexico. Picked it up during a trip we took down there. It is an interesting ceramic of Jesus holding a table with the last supper complete with all the apostles.
The second is a celtic cross which came from Joann's Fabric Store, I think..I really liked it.... 
Picture from Hometown
Picture from Hometown
PS:  I don't know why I am getting all these boxes...I didn't do anything but maybe someone else is having the same thing happening to their journal.....

Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Come to me Spring!

Picture from Hometown
Picture from Hometown
Come to me Spring!  I can't wait for the flowers and it's great to see some of them peeping through here and there.  This is a little curbside spot near a garden store.
Picture from Hometown
If you are interested in a pack of Springtime cards with photos by me let me know by sending me an email at    One card is free, no obligation, while supplies last.  Available is a package of six cards with edged inserts, sparkles, a poem, story or personalization!