Friday, May 30, 2008

Happy May 30 Day!

Hello all,

Hard to believe but yes's the end of May already.  Hope all had a great month. I know I love seeing all the flowers coming back!  Here are a few I got from my daughter's boyfriend's mom...she is a wonderful florist.  Smiles to you all.     Maria

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Framing is important

Hello, all,

I recently entered a photo contest and found out how important framing can be....turned out the frame I chose, although interesting was too interesting and took away from the photo...I didn't realize it until I thought about how I was so attracted to the frame that I had trouble finding the right photo to put with it.  I had changed my mind so many times...I should have had a is the photo with frame submitted...what follows after that are a couple of photos with borders and framing I thought would have worked better......what do you all think?  Maria


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

ABC Photo Challenge E - Eggxactly

Hello all!

The Photo Challenge again!  I think it's challenging to find a recent picture that fits...if I was more organized I would go out and find a new and fresh subject!  However these two photos seem to be appropriate.

Egg Insects?  Eggxactly, well almost.  This was a new spin on the Easter egg decorations this year....insect appendages for Eggs...kind of like Mister Potato but with eggs...


Egret walking?  No regrets.....this photo was one from my Mexico trip earlier this year.  These birds sure can bend their necks in the most unusual ways......

I had a few minutes and thought I would sneak in a blog entry.  I am still recuperating from the 900+ photos I downloaded from my camera a few weeks's great to look over the photos digitally too.    Now if I could just keep up with my photo taking.   I've slowed down a little these last few weeks.  I entered a photo contest and didn't win but had a good time and learned alot....boy was the competition stiff.   It was at the local City Hall and the top 5 got purchased to be exhibited.  Turned out my frame competed too much with the photo itself...I learned about balance and what to look for when framing your photos.   Only thing is....I didn't realize the problem when I entered I was a bit enamored with the frame...that should have been my first clue....I'll post it in the near future and let you all decide.....Exasperating....!   Another E word!   Cheers! 

Thursday, May 8, 2008

ABC photo challenge - A, B, C, D in one photo

Hello, I know this might be cheating but I just wanted to catch up and see if I can play is my photo for A, B, C and D:

A for the Aroma of what is in the cup..see the little swirl?

B for the Blue cover of the book:  'Life is Good'

C for the Coffee Cup being held by the man in the chair

D for the Dog sitting by the chair

Just thinking out of the those Dancing Cars....amazing..:)  see link to ABC Photo Challenge Page

This is a great little book...with one liners about why Life is Good.       



Up close and personal

Hello all,

Here are a couple of photos that are up close and personal, at least for these flowers. I like the way the background just fades into the.....well, the background..LOL.  I hope you enjoy the view! 


Monday, May 5, 2008

Color verison of Black and white bird and surf.

Here you are by popular demand...the color version of the black and white photo from my previous entry...what do you all think?   Which do you prefer?    Maria

PS:  yes this is Mexican surf...Ixtapa.

Friday, May 2, 2008

PHoto Challenge - B & W Landscape

Here is my entry for the B& W Landscapes photo Challenge...I haven't entered one for awhile.    The surf and the bird were calling to me to photograph here you go!  Here is the link to this particular photo challenge: B & W Landscapes


Swans and flowers and windowscreens

Hello all!

The flowers of May are coming!  Tulips and flowering trees.   In my kitchen there is a window by the sink....hope you have one too.   The window screen keeps the bugs out and provided an interesting background for these two photos.   I love the grace of swans and have two swan  vases that I sometimes use without flowers for an accent.  Although there aren't very many bugs out there yet since it's still pretty cool I am thankful for the window screens.    The flies hatch with the slightest warmth from the sun and it's good to keep them outside.    Bugs...can't live with them...can't live without them...they do serve many purposes..but for now the reminder of that little fact is manifested in windowscreens.  


Hope your day and week went well!   I'm just winding down from a hectic day and week.   It's good to rest and have flowers to enjoy....don't you think?  Happy day, Happy May!        

Yours truly,    Maria