Saturday, December 29, 2007

It's such a Blur! But what a Memory!

Hi, all!

Best laid plans don't always happen exactly as you planned...Christmas activites happened so fast it all seems like a blur like the photo of our tree with the presents.   I forgot to use my tripod for the indoor picture of the tree (as has been recommended, suggested and directed to use by Greg from phototrek..LOL) and correct my setting to farther away rather than nearer.....  Of course now all the presents are gone but what a memory.  It was a fun Christmas this year.  Our first Cookiefest, at my sister's house,  I involved my husband and daughter in the selection of presents for the nephews and neices and I got a very nice present myself from them.  I planned to be so's Saturday and I'm just starting to feel that way.   Going to finish putting some financial forecasts together for next year and clean up my budgeting process...and, in addition some other goals...well let's save the rest for another entry.  Hope things went pretty much as you planned for the holidays!  


The thought in this case does count because the photo is a blurrrrrr...LOL....and then there is my annual placing of the doll in the tree!

This year's theme was red...even the angel treetopper....


Check out this sampling of some of the cookies we made...there is even a martian in there created by one of my nephews.


Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve Day Thoughts

It's Christmas Eve Day and my thoughts are on my family and friends.  Did I remember them all?  Can everyone make it to the festivities?   Is everyone happy today?   Do we all remember the reason for this celebration?  Are we focusing on forgiveness and kindness?    Our tree this year is themed with red ornaments and white doves....this is before the presents are under it.......given time tomorrow I will add a photo with the wrapped gifts under the tree.  These are my thoughts today....Peace and Joy to you! Maria

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Stepping up to being more relaxed

Hi, all,

It's Sunday! 2 more getups and it's Christmas.....  During this hectic time I've found it wise to reflect on ways to stay more keep things in perspective.  This photo of some stone steps at Kubota Park in Renton, Washington gave me the thought that all it takes is that a person steps up to the challenge of living a more relaxed life.  To find peace and to live it.  Oh I like getting excited about things and all that but there is such a benefit to taking steps to be more peaceful.  I received several Christmas stories that had a theme of peace and putting things into perspective that I printed out and plan to read over again.   That's at least one step I can take to having a more relaxing life.  Another step is to read over a fairly good article on the Positivity Blog on the same subject: 13 Ways to a More Relaxing Life.    My next entry should have a snapshot of our Christmas tree in a theme of red ornaments and white doves.  I hope you follow the path to peace in this season!    Maria

Saturday, December 22, 2007

What's Your Dream?

Hello, all!  Christmas is almost here and it's time to recognize that we have dreams.  As children and as adults we all have something that we wish for and hope will happen.  What about you? What's your dream?  I've always wanted to find that business that defines what I am good at and like to do.  Not that I don't like what I do at my full time job but I feel there is more that defines me.    Maybe that is one reason why I do photography.... it is an outlet for that dream.   The last two years I had my photos in a couple of church bazaars with some success!..... I've also had my dulcimer there to play and entertain my visitors although with a very amateurish hand.  The cards and photos are part of the process and between last year and this year more people remembered me, and it gave me great joy!   I plan to do it again next year and maybe a market or two in between.  It is still a small step doing this kind of thing.   But it gives me ideas.   Here, in the photo below, I am at a recent Bazaar in November........I hope to do more of this as time allows.  It took up the whole weekend and I'm still working full time so weekends are all I would have. But the experience was priceless to me. I made enough to  cover some of my expenses...but not all.  Maybe next year I will have discovered the formula.   

Can you imagine the music coming from the dulcimer?  I'll give you a is sweet and lively.  Do what you will always be the right thing to do.  

Are you doing what you love and gives you ideas for your dreams?   That is what I wish for you for Christmas..and of course, Peace and Joy too! 



My dulcimer below - my hungarian roots are showing....:)

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Lots of Room for Mushrooms!

Mushrooms are strange.  They pop up where and when you least expect them.  These showed up on the parking strips at my work parking lot.   Don't know what kind they are but they were very interesting.  The shapes and colors are quite intriguing.  In addition I had to get down low to get the photo shots.  It was a veritable feast of mushrooms on the parking strip.  Not just one or two solitary clumpings but dozens of them.   Don't know if it was the moon or the weather but there was certainly lots of room for mushrooms.    I've always like mushrooms....  :)   Maria