Saturday, September 27, 2008

Dolphin in Green Glass

Hello, all! this photo was taken at my newest neice's Baptism reception. I loved the way the dolphin stood out in the light behind it shining through the green glass. There is so much vibrant color going on here it is amazing.

Dophins are one of my sister's favorite sea creatures. They are quite nice. This wooden carved dolphin is one I brought back from Mexico and gave to her...I also have one of my own but not quite this big. I love the colors in the green glass behind's really a bowl that sits on it's side. The sun was shining very brightly. If was a nice photo moment. It is interesting to see the different effect when I turned the photo to a portrait view....I have to fix that signature though. ;) Maria


madcobug said...

This is very pretty Maria. Thanks for sharing. Helen

lifes2odd said...

Very pretty! I love dophins too.
Martha :-)

nhd106 said... cool.   Lovely pics!


radar446 said...

This is really cool, and makes for a great photographic study.  I have a friend that absolutely loves dolphins that and will get a kick out of this entry.


bojgill4375 said...

Beautiful photos. Janie